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Echis pyramidum leakeyi














                        Echis pyramidum leakeyi                 Echis pyramidum leakeyi                            Echis hughesi                           Echis pyramidum "aliaborri"
                          near Maikona, Kenya                          Kula Mawe, Kenya                      HOLOTYPE and PARATYPE                         Wajir, Kenya





                     Echis pyramidum leakeyi                Echis pyramidum lucidus                 Echis pyramidum lucidus                 Echis pyramidum leakeyi
                         Lake Baringo, Kenya                          Biskra, Algeria                                     Egypt                                  Archer´s Post, Kenya
                                                                                (photo: J. Haleš)





                                 Echis ocellatus                         Echis pyramidum leakeyi                   Echis pyramidum leakeyi               Echis pyramidum leakeyi
Ghana                                    Kula Mawe, Kenya                     juvenil, Archer´s Post, Kenya                Archer´s Post, Kenya












         Echis pyramidum leakeyi                     Echis pyramidum leakeyi            Phenotypically Echis pyr.             Echis s. sochureki - female
    Archer´s Post, Kenya                          Archer´s Post, Kenya            aliaborri, but geographically                          Pakistan
            F1 generation - juvenil                         F1 generation - juvenil            Echis pyr. leakeyi - Laisamis
                                                                                                                       north-central Kenya.
                                                                                                                           NMK 0/2160

   Echis s. sochureki - male                 Echis s. sochureki - male                 E. s. sochureki - female                  Echis s. sochureki
  Pakistan                                         Pakistan                                        Pakistan                                      Pakistan

                                                         Variation in coloration of the        Male of Echis pyramidum leakeyi        Echis pyramidum leakeyi,
                                                           types of Echis "carinatus"             from surrounding of Marsabit                recently collected in 
 (northern Kenya)                   Garissa (north-eastern Kenya)




















       Echis pyramidum from                 Locality of Echis pyramidum         Echis pyramidum, Gedaref, Sudan    Echis coloratus terraesanctae
      NP Bou Hedma (Tunisia)               in NP Bou Hedma in Tunisia             
© Wolfgang Wuster                 Jorday Valley, Israel
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personal pages                 (Copyright: Babocsay G.)

    Habitat of Echis c. coloratus            Habitat of Echis c. coloratus            Male of Echis c. coloratus             Echis pyramidum leakeyi,
           from Israel in Elat                        in southern Arava Valley              from southern Arava Valley               near Maikona (northern,
(Copyright: G. Babocsay)          in Israel  (Copyright: G. Babocsay)  in Israel (Copyright: G. Babocsay)                     Kenya)












 Echis coloratus coloratus, near Thumrait (Dhofar Governorate, Oman)         Echis khosatzkii, near Salalah (Dhofar Governorate, Oman)
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Echis varia borkinii

 Echis pyramidum leakeyi          Echis pyramidum leakeyi                 HOLOTYPUS of Echis varia                  HOLOTYPUS of Echis varia
Mandera (Kenya- Somalia)            Merti (northern Kenya)                                borkinii                                               darevskii  
        NMK specimen                         NMK specimen

Echis varia darevskii

  Hemipenes of                Locality of Echis pyramidum                  Locality of Echis pyramidum           Young specimen of Echis pyramidum
Echis pyramidum      
 near North Horr in Northern Kenya                 in Archer ´s Post (Kenya)                leakeyi from Kula Mawe (Kenya),
    from Kenya                                                                                                                                     note red coloration and a large
                                                                                                                                                        supraoculars (like E. p. aliaborri).

                                 Echis sochureki sochureki, Al Wasit (Sharjah Emirate, UAE)                                      Echis omanensis, near Hatta
                                                                                                                                                                    (Dubai Emirate., UAE)
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One of the paratypes of Echis "carinatus" aliaborri (Wajir, Kenya). (Copyright: B. Drewes)


     Habitat of Echis hughesi in           Habitat of Echis hughesi in
       Sol Haud in Somaliland                Sol Haud in Somaliland

Echis pyramidum aliaborri






Echis multisquamatus (adult).
Southern Uzbekistan near border with Afganistan (around Scherebat)




           Echis multisquamatus                    Echis multisquamatus                    Echis multisquamatus                A gravid female of Echis
Male and female from southern Uzbekistan near border with Afganistan (around Sherebat).                         multisquamatus. 






Numbers of vipers are limited in some      The same area as on the previous      El Wak (Kenya).           Echis pyramidum lucidus from
areas due to a periodical floods. Around   photograph in a wet season               Vipers may be found     Egypt with very short head. The 
Garissa in a dry season (August, 2005),   (November, 2006). The locality of       under the limestones     vipers are very polymorphic in this
a locality of Echis pyramidum.                 Echis pyramidum (Kenya).                around a road (see         character. It is an adult female. 
                                                                                                                   right side of a pict.)





















     Echis jogeri (Copyright:                   Holotype of Echis                Echis pyramidum from costal plain of western Yemen (Al Khawkhah),
           Ulrich Joger)                       megalocephalus (Copyright:        Those specimens were described by Cherlin (1990) as subspecies
                                                          Wolfgang Wuster)                      borkini, which is endemic to western Yemen and Arabia.
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          A copulation of                                 A typical coloration and pattern of Echis multisquamatus               Echis cf. megalocephalus
    Echis pyramidum lucidus                                 (this specimen is from Sherebat, Uzbekistan)                     (after Dobiey et Vogel, 2007)
                                                                                                                                                                          Ginda, Erithrea.
                                                                                                                                                                  After me until revision only
                                                                                                                                                                       Echis p. pyramidum.

A photopraphs showing two habitats and vipers Echis leucogaster from Mauritania. The first viper was living in the ant hill on the first picture. The second viper was find after rain in desert. All these photographs are by Karim Daoues (