A first photograph of a live Echis jogeri
was publicated by Dobiey and Vogel (2007).
 A species look very similar to E. ocellatus.
With permission of U. Joger.


A book about the vipers of the genus Echis has been written by me and my colleague Jiří Hejduk.
148 pp. Privately publicated. 

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2nd revised reprint in prep.!







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Subgenera in Echis

Echis hughesi
Echis megalocephalus
Echis jogeri
Echis pyramidum pyramidum
Echis pyramidum lucidus
Echis pyramidum leakeyi
Echis leucogaster
Echis ocellatus
Echis khosatzkii

Echis carinatus carinatus
Echis carinatus sinhaleyus
Echis sochureki sochureki
Echis sochureki astolae
Echis multisquamatus
Echis coloratus coloratus
Echis coloratus terraesanctae
Echis omanensis


Echis pyramidum lucidus

Echis p. "aliaborri", Wajir, Kenya

Echis p. lucidus
Siwa, Egypt

Echis p. leakeyi

Garissa, Kenya

Echis p. leakeyi
Lake Turkana, Kenya

BMNH colletion of Echis



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New pictures of Echis pyramidum "borkini" Cherlin, 1990 were
added (
© Petr Nečas all photographs, www.atheris.cz)

New photographs of Echis jogeri and Echis megalocephalus from Ulrich Joger and Wolfgang Wüster.
See monographs.

New article about the Echis from Garissa (Kenya)
- downloadable as PDF        

ZMIJE RODU ECHIS (Tomáše Mazucha)

Echis multisquamatus

                       !!!  ATTENTION  !!!
Herpetologists C. McCarthy a W. Wuster (London and Bangor, UK) et al. prepare a molecular analysis of the genus Echis. In principle, it is opening of the Pandora´s box. I will be inform you in time.